Thursday, June 25, 2015

Madewell Reviews: North Shore Cover-Up and Kimono Romper

I was excited to see the extra 30% off at Madewell and had a feeling it was coming. I've noticed that when older items begin to pop back and sizes are restocked that usually a percent off promo is coming - this time was no exception! I did order a few things including this little tank (final sale risk - ahhh!) which turned out to be quite cute and these pants which are really soft and comfortable although slightly big at the waist. I will take pics of those soon. Also, I think this dress is a great deal. I bought it a month ago and as predicted have worn it weekly. Feels chic and yet so easy. I like it even more since I washed it and it shrunk a little.

Here are 2 little numbers I tried on when in store.

North Shore Cover-Up Dress in Electric Stitch (XS)
I did not realize this was a cover-up when I tried it on. Or that the back was quite so low. That being said, it's lovely for that purpose. The deep dip in the back is certainly sexy which is a nice balance to the overall voluminous shape. I would probably size down on this one although not sure if that would matter. I was honestly looking at it as a "house dress" to run around in while I'm sweating and cleaning up house :)

Kimono Romper (XS)
The romper trend - argh - I sort of want to participate and sort of also think that I should let it pass. This romper is actually pretty cute and I'm surprised it's on sale for $49.99. My usual XS felt fine. The top is fairly roomy so if you do not have a full chest i'm not sure how it will fit - maybe just a bit more drapey. The shorts portion have a big pleat in the front but overall the look was fine. The fabric is thick which is good for shape but bad for heat.

What do you think of the romper trend?

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  1. I think the rompers are cute - on somebody other than me! My issues with them would be in the bathroom while traveling or out for the day somewhere. Just wouldn't want to fully disrobe...........