Tuesday, June 16, 2015

J. Crew Review: Midnight Floral and some Plumeria Jacquard

Ah... finally done teaching for the year! YAHOO! I rewarded myself with a babysitter and some shopping/lunch time with a good friend. So fun and so restorative! Now I am ready to tackle the summer with 2 kids and probably not enough camp. We'll see how that goes.

Of course we popped in J Crew where I was not entirely surprised to see so much new stuff on sale. Here are a few things I tried:

Crossover Pencil Skirt in Plumeria Jacquard (size 0)
 I thought this was lovely and liked the little crossover detail. The material is fairly thick so keep that in mind if you live in a very hot climate. I also tried on the size 2 but the hips were huge. I am finding that in most of the pencil skirts this season - big hips, tight waists. Anyhoo I would have purchased this except the waist was SNUG. Like holding things in but in a bad way. It's a bummer because I really like it. Perhaps if you have not had a baby semi recently it will fit you the way it was intended :) It's definitely meant to sit a bit higher which I liked!

 Sleeveless Shift Dress in Midnight Floral (Size 0)
 The IRL photos of this print never do it justice. It is so rich and delicious looking in person. This is my normal size in shift dresses. I'm sure a 2 would have been fine as well. It's very cute and comfortable and I liked the contrast piping down the front. I saw someone wearing this at graduation the other day and really liked it.

 Garden Pant in Midnight Floral (size 2)
I loves me a good dressy pant with a gorgeous pattern and this one is it! I went to a size 2 because I'm still sort of a 2 in pants at J Crew. It was slightly big at the waist but fit great everywhere else. My only complaint is the pockets - they are sort of a weird shape and stick out a teeny tiny bit. I might just have my tailor sew them up if I purchase them. Really love these and think they would work beautifully in the winter as well.

Those are my sale finds. I think these prints are lovely and I actually like the thicker fabrics - hide some lumps and bumps. What do you think?


  1. Lunch and shopping at JCrew with a friend. What a great way to start your Summer break! I hope you find lots of fun things to do with your kids and have more time to yourself, too.
    Thanks for the reviews! What did you think of the slits in the skirt (too high?) and the dress (too low?). I love both of these items.
    I hadn't thought of it, but you're right, the pants will work well in Fall and Winter.

  2. Hi Maryeb! Nice to hear from you as always. It was an awesome day - I felt so relaxed and able to deal with kids and craziness when i got home :) I did not sit down in the skirt so I'm not sure how that would have gone but standing and moving felt fine. Even when it opens there is a bit of a "modesty" piece of fabric on the inside. it was very cute but man that waist was squeezing things a bit too much. I didn't mind the slit in the front of the dress - it's almost too low but I felt well covered. It's not like I would be trying to wear this to work so I don't mind a peek at cleavage. Overall I really like the midnight floral items.

  3. I love those garments on you! I tried that skirt on and it really didn't work for me at all. The waist was tight, the hips were wide. I was beginning to wonder if my body had changed! (the things from last summer fit fine, so I guess it's not me that is the problem! haha). Also those pants. I adore them, too. I had to size up one size because when I sat down thought they kind of pulled in the thigh/crotch area. I'll need to get the waist band tailored now. You're right about the fabric too, it's all seasonal!

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