Saturday, June 27, 2015

J Crew: Shorts, Midnight Floral Top and Lightweight Camp Shirt

Sales galore! It's hard to keep up with the price drop game right now but it's nice to not worry about final sale. I'm attempting to try on as much as possible while I still have the possibility of returning and while J Crew is getting a bad rap right now, there are some nice things still out there. The 50% was almost irresistible and it did allow me to buy a few coveted items...

Lightweight Camp Shirt (Size 0)

I bought this to go with the Gold Foil Leaf Skirt but it doesn't really work that well. As a shirt it's totally cute. My usual size is 2 but I felt like the 0 was fine. It was a little shorter than I usually like. The cotton is very soft and lightweight. If you need a light cotton summer shirt, this fits the bill.

Tinted Seersucked Pull-on Short (XXS)

These are adorable and so comfy. I almost bit but they are a bit too small. If they had the XS it would have been tempting - so TTS.

Drapey Belted Pull-On Short (XS)

LOVE these. We'll see how these wear - the online reviews were sort of negative. I like them because they seem sort of dressy. The belt is weirdly like a foot or two too long but I guess I can live with that.

Midnight Floral Cocoon Top (00)
I do love this print. The color combination is gorgeous. This is a size smaller than my usual size, actually 2 from my normal shirt size, 1 more my usual this type of J Crew blouse size. With the 50% off I couldn't resist. I think it will go well with so many things and I like the way it grazes the body and hides the tummy!

What did you snap up during the 50% off?

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