Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brooks Brothers Reviews: Clearance

So I know it seems a little goofy to review winter items now that the summer heat has finally rolled in but there are some good deals to be had! I've been loving me some Red Fleece this year - the quality has been great and the fit very nice - not too old ladyish which is what I tend to think of when I think of Brooks Brothers. Anyway... here are a few goodies:

 Jacquard Flower Pants (size 0)
The material on these is so special - sort of like a men's tie. There is no give at all which does make the fit a little tricky. The size 0 fits me but just barely. The size 2 was definitely too big though.

Close up of the lovely material. I would definitely wear these to work and feel they are dressy but not overly so. Such a steal at their current price.

I was immediately drawn to these when they realeased their spring line. Reminiscent of a lot of the casual drawstring pants J Crew is releasing these days. The print is adorable. I found the fit fine but nothing too exciting and the material is a little thinner than I was anticipating - which is probably a good thing for the heat of summer.

I love this little tee. The fit is lovely and the material is SO soft.

 Crewneck Stripe Tee (size XS)
The XS fit nicely too - I just like to have a little extra room in the tummy area these days so I don't have to spend the entire day contracting my abs ;)

 Crewneck Stripe Tee (XS)
Also comes in red and black. Also comfortable and adorable.

 Shawl Collar Cardigan (XS)
I have a cotton shawl collar cardigan from J Crew that I wear constantly and was really hoping this one could join the rotation. I wanted it to be longer. And the elbow patches to look a bit less obvious. Overall a decent sweater just not the style I was looking for.

Buttoned up does a nice imitation of a blazer.

Fair Isle Sweater (XS)
Both sizes fit well. It's really beautiful and again it is at a good price point right now.

 Fair Isle Sweater (S)
I prefered my usual size XS but could have gone with either. The S had a little more length to it. My husband said it just looked to LLBean Preppy Handbook for his taste.

Really loving Red Fleece this year - a nice alternative to J Crew since their quality has been so lacking. Have you shopped Brooks Brothers recently?


  1. Hi! I saw in an older post that you have the Hibiscus Bloom Shirtdress from Anthropologie, I have been searching for this dress EVERYWHERE! If you are ever interested on selling PLEASE let me know! I am on ebay & poshmark =)

    1. Hi Gabrielle - I'm so sorry but I only tried on that dress - never bought it. Good luck with your search!

  2. Glad you are back. I have missed your reviews!

    1. Thanks so much, another mom! I have missed doing them. I'm going to try to be more regular about it, at least over the summer :)

  3. I purchased several items the other week as the sales were really good. It was my first time purchasing so I was worried about sizing but everything I ordered fit and was great quality. I am very pleased and will definitely be ordering more. I got black watch plaid pants and the fit is fab. Way better than J. Crew pants and lined too. Also got two skirts, a wool dress and a wool shell. All great materials and quality!

    1. I have found the quality at BB to far surpass pretty much any other retailer I have checked out this year. And if you are patient enough to wait for a sale - the prices are really fair! That Red Fleece line is so smart - they kicked it up a notch with fit and pattern and voila - are attracting a slightly younger clientele.