Saturday, February 13, 2016

Madewell Reviews: Archive Boot, Thermal Side-Button Tee, Low-V Pullover Top and Flannel Oversized Boyshirt in Dark Plaid

ah. Madewell. I have loved you for so long but you are disappointing me lately. First of all, I've basically sworn off all Madewell sweaters because they are the worst culprits when it comes to pilling. Secondly, what is with the shapeless crap? I love the drapey, laid-back look but lately it's just been so shapeless, oversized and unflattering. Boo. I'm hopeful it will turn around though - Madewell used to be one of my go-to's.

 The Archive Boot (buy them here or here)
I like the look of these and the little pull-on tabs, very cute. They are very slouchy so I would only wear them with skinny jeans. My cords tucked into them looked sloppy. My main complaint was the lack of ankle shape. Just makes my whole lower leg look a little swollen.

 Thermal Side-Button Tee (XS) in Shale Grey $19.99
This is adorable and comfortable and very inexpensive right now. I just didn't totally love the way the shirt stuck out a bit where the buttons were. I think it added a bit of visual weight. I might size up on this one so the button would lay more smoothly.

 Low-V Pullover Top (XS) $39.99
This is a really low v! Woah. I had to blur my boobs in the pic. It's such a cute idea but the arms were TIGHT. Like unwearable tight and I never have that problem because my arms are fairly thin. This made the overall look sort of weird. Perhaps a size S would drape better?

 Flannel Oversized Boyshirt in Dark Plaid (XXS)

I was super excited to see this in the sale section. It is SOOO soft and flannel-y. Really nice flannel - some of the softest and thickest I've seen this season. It's just so wide and boxy. I'm really trying to wear things with some waist shaping these days to avoid the rectangle look so I passed, but it was really tempting. If you're looking for black watch plaid and a really nice flannel, check out this LL Bean one. I'll post a review soon but it was really nice.

Are you eyeing anything in the sale section with the extra 30% off?

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