Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anthropologie Reviews: Vienne Cardigan, Overland Sweater Coat, Minka Jacket, Soft Brocade Blazer, Bas-Relief Blazer

More reviews! I actually had time to shop at Anthropologie and not just run in and return something and run back out. I still feel like I'm waiting for prices to drop some more - for the quality I still think the price points are mostly too high. But, I hate waiting and I hate waiting and then having something sell out even more. So we'll see how good I can be...

Vienne Cardigan (XS/S)
I'm surprised that this is still in stock. It's a nice sweater, cape, thing. The wool is thick and doesn't feel particular itchy. It's sort of a lot of material but if you like this shape and the aran knit (which I do like), it is a goody.

 Overland Sweater Coat (PXS)
The PXS fit perfectly - nice and slim in the arms and good through the body too. The problem is that it's not warm enough to be a jacket and it's too thick to be a "blazer". I just couldn't figure out where I'd wear it. It is very soft and cozy but didn't feel particularly well made to me.

 Minka Jacket (XS)
I was really excited to try this on because I loved the thick rich-looking knit but the shape was really disappointing. Looked like I was wearing an oversized 80's blazer. I thought it was more of a blousy, cocoon-y shape but it's just a weird long blazer shape. The material is nice and thick and beautiful.

 Soft Brocade Blazer (size 6)

This was a surprised love. It's quite unusual - hook and eye closure, semi-peplum, floral brocade fabric that feels sort of silky. This is 2 sizes up from my normal size and I think it's the right call. The silhouette is beautiful although very dressy. This is another piece that I want so badly but fear the CPW might be too high. Might have to play with it a bit since I really think it's lovely. Just bought this navy blazer this year so not sure I can justify another.

 Bas-Relief Blazer (size 6)

Mmm, cute. This is 2 sizes up from my norm as well but I think I could have gone a size 4 if I didn't want to put anything but a dress shirt underneath. It's cute - the material is soft and the jersey lining is delicious. I would replace the white button - too garish. The overall look is really cute. Damn blazers. I feel like I always want to buy them but then I really never wear them. Maybe I need to start shopping my closet and making myself wear the ones I already own...

What do you think of these items?

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