Sunday, February 7, 2016

Anthropologie Review: Teni Blouse, Mixed Stripe Dress, Cinched Surplice Dress, Layered Luna Dress and Anya Lace Dress

The sale room at my local Anthro was PACKED and it was fun to try on a lot of goodies that I had been contemplating ordering online. There were a ton of popbacks the other day so I did take the liberty of ordering the Sugar Pine Sweater Coat in an XXS. I still think it's going to be too big but I'm really hopeful!

Teni Blouse (size 0)
Some people love stripes, some people love polka dots, I love stars (ok, and stripes too). That's what drew me to the blouse. This is a size down from my normal and while the width is fine I wouldn't mind my normal size so it lays over my chest a bit better. I think it would drape more beautifully in my normal size. If you have a smaller chest, you could probably size down. This Vince Camuto star print top is also pretty cute and of course Equipment always makes beautiful silk blouses.

Here's a close-up. The laser-cut details are really special and yet I think the blouse has an overall casual vibe. I liked it a lot but I think the price could come down even further since it's poly.

Mixed Stripe Dress (size S)
They didn't have an XS so I tried the S on. It's definitely too big although you can't really tell in the picture. I like it overall but the waist sat a little low. I think a nice belt but improve the overall look. It is super comfortable and I love the little button details at the wrist. The Mixstripe dress at the Loft looks super cute too. Or go more sweater-y with this one at Hanna Andersson (very Boden-like).

 Cinched Surplice Dress (XS)
I thought I would love this but I find the color a bit bland and the top made me look even more top heavy than I already am. It's comfortable and basically flattering but the deep vee (that requires a cami) was a deal breaker for me.

 Layered Luna Dress (XS) in Dark Grey
I've seen this around a lot and was really excited to try it on. It's like wearing a cozy nightgown which is awesome but it made me look like a rectangle. This one did seem a bit stretched out so maybe one that hadn't been sitting around in store? The texture and sheen of the fabric is pretty cool and the double layer is super cozy.

 Anya Lace Dress (size 0)
Ugh. I LOVED this so much but I have nowhere to wear a lace midi dress (but really wish I did). The slip portion is ridiculous. It is a cheap piece of polyester and it simply does not fit over anyone with over an A cup up top. The lace itself is gorgeous. I was thinking I might be able to buy it and shorten it and get a different slip but then it's becoming quite an investment. But the lace is seriously that lovely. And I love the neckline. Sigh.

Overall, I liked a lot of what I tried on. Have some more reviews coming up...


  1. Thanks for the reviews! Love that Teni blouse, poly and all :)

    1. Your welcome! I know - there is something sort of fabulous about it and the poly drapes well. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Whoops, I meant you're welcome :)