Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Skinny Ankle Jeans: Loft and BR, Plus some Sloan Slim Ankle

As soon as a temps start to cool, my mind turns to denim. I've been on the lookout for some new skinyn ankle jeans to wear with flats and such. I've been wearing a version of these for a while and also my reliable Paige's but I wanted to get something with a little more color variation. I love the slimming effect of a dark wash but I think it's looking a little dated these days.

Banana Republic Medium Wash Skinny Jean (size 26)
 These are not to the ankle - they are regular length and they are definitely pooling at the ankle. They were fine but I think they made my butt look a little flat (which is impressive since my butt is pretty round). Very comfortable and the wash is attractive.

 Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant - SHORT (size 2)
 I've already professed my love for these pants. So slimming and work appropriate. I normally take a size 0 at J Crew but I like these in a size 2. Other versions can be different. I have these and like them in the size 0. So, I'm totally on the fence about the regular vs. the short. They are supposed to be slim ANKLE pants and I guess these hit at just the right length but I'm afraid they will shrink up if I ever clean them. Plus...

 Sloan Fit Slim Ankle Pant - REGULAR (size 2)
 ... doesn't the longer length sort of enlongate my legs? There is the slightest bit of bunching at the top of my foot but I almost prefer that to something that feel a little short. My cafe capris and andie chinos hit at an even shorter spot than the shorts above but I don't know.

 BR Medium Wash Skinny Ankle Jean (size 2)
 These weirdly just disappeared from the website one day. I have no idea why but they are unfindable. The wash is so wonderfully soft and these DO hit at a perfect ankle length.

Here's a picture of the wash. Just enough distressing.

 Same jean almost same wash. Slightly darker overall. I do think these are very slimming in the leg. I don't know how they will wear because I'm still trying to decide which wash i want to keep.

 Modern Skinny Jeans in Classic Dark Indigo Wash (size 25)
 I like the back view of these. A bit stiffer than the BR ones. What I didn't like was the extra crotch material. I got that little foldover right on either side. Plus as much as I love certain Loft items I don't trust their pants. I feel like they fit fabulously right out of the wash and then look ridiculous by the end of the day. Granted that is from some years ago but once bitton twice shy.

Where do you go for skinny jeans? What do you think is the perfect ankle length?


  1. My go-to store for skinny jeans is Madewell. Loft Modern Skinny jeans also work most of the time. I haven't tried BR for jeans in a long time but I just ordered the Distressed Wash Skinny Ankle Jean. The wash looks so pretty online.

  2. Madewell for me, too. Their 29" inseam gives just the right amount of pooling on my 5'3" frame, and their higher pocket placement/smaller pockets overall look better to my eye. The BR medium wash look great on you!

  3. J Crew has been my go-to for awhile, but BR has quickly replaced them! I LOVE the Indigo Skinny Ankle on you; I think the pocket placement on the back is perfect! I have the BR Boyfriend cut and the Skinny Ankle distressed and I love both so much---they wear and wash great! Both of the Sloan's look great on you---you can't go wrong with either selection ;)

  4. I wish I knew my go-to jeans! I'll let you know when I find them :-P The indigo skinny ankle jeans look fantastic on you! I might have to try them myself.
    I see what you mean about the regular Sloans elongating your legs. I think it all depends on what kind of shoes you plan to wear. They both look good but if you wear heels more maybe buy the regulars...