Tuesday, September 1, 2015

J. Crew Review: New Tippi Sweater and Postage-Stamp Mini Skirt in Polynesian Floral

A few more reviews of items that are not so new... oops. Trying to get more timely about my posts...

Postage-Stamp Mini Skirt in Polynesian Floral (size 0)
I reviewed this before but I was curious about how my usual size 0 would fit. The 2 fit great on my hips and sort of hung in a nice way but I was worried I had made a mistake buying it. Nope! This 0 is TIGHT and not in a good way. The waistband fit well but way up on my waist and I prefer this type of skirt sit lower on my hips. Plus it's hugging the ol' rear waaaay too tightly. Still a cute skirt and love the overall shape.

 Tippi Sweater (XS) in Heather Neon Orchid
I know lots of people are not thrilled with the new tippi but I like the longer sleeves. I have monkey arms for someone my size so I'm always appreciative of longer sleeves. I've never really been in love with the Tippi. I think I want a more open neckline. I do like the length and fit of this. The XS always feels slightly tight but I think overall it gives a nice shape. I didn't find this color too "neon" but I do think it's a tricky color to pull off.

If I need some more basic sweates I might pick up a couple of these over at Madewell. They are definitely slouchy but the merino is so fine and pleasant feeling. I don't know how the new ones run but the one last year ran pretty big. I think you can size down.
I probably wear cardigans more than anything and can't wait to check out this one from J Crew. Usually their long cardigans are TOO long but I'm hoping this one is improved.
Also, who could resist a camo cardigan? I can't decide if it's silly or fabulous but I definitely want to try it out. This pullover by BR is so gorgeous in the black rose color I can hardly stand it. Yum.

It's going to be in the 90's here this week, so a little early to be thinking sweaters but I can't wait. Makes me excited to unpack all my favorites from last season!


  1. I love that Tippi in the Neon Orchid---great color! Like you, I have the 'monkey arms' and appreciate a longer sleeve! :) I'm loving the BR offerings---have you seen the camo sweatshirt?

    1. Oh my. I never noticed that camo sweatshirt before. It is SOO cute. Thanks for pointing it out!