Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Anthropologie Review: Ribboned Poplin Dress and Shoreline Tunic

I never have quite as much luck at Anthropologie in the summer as I do in the winter. I love their slouchy, cozy sweaters and cords but some of the summer offerings are too hippie dippie for me. I LOVE the way they look in the catalogue but not as much on my body. Nonetheless, the 30% lured me in and I found a real gem!

Ribboned Poplin Dress (size 2), also in sold in a lovely blue
This dress is available in all sizes online! I couldn't believe it - I think it's adorable. The size 2 (my normal size  - size 0 at J Crew) was SNUG. I ordered a 4 and can say that it fits perfectly - in fact better because the waist doesn't sit as high. The cotton is lovely to the touch and it is fully lined - hallelujah! I think the bow is supposed to be tied in the front so it doesn't look so waitress-y. It's also available in an adorable checker print. With discount it was $20.99??? Now my only problem is deciding which one to keep. The navy one is also beautiful but I'll have to wait for sale on that one.
If you're looking for long sleeves I saw this dress over at Neiman Marcus by Theory. It's so cute and I love the color.
This Tory Burch shirtdress is also on sale. I love the print!
This Rebecca Taylor dress, also in white, looks edgier with the mesh but still maintains a beautiful silhouette.
And how about this Diane von Furstenberg? Love the fun print - a different take on a similar style.

 Shoreline Tunic (XS)
I just wasn't sure where or how I would wear this one. The XS felt pretty loose so I think you could stay in your size or size down on this one. I liked the pattern but didn't feel like it was a personality match for me. I guess you wear this over skinny jeans? Just not sure where I'd wear it.
I think if I'm going to do an Anthropologie tunic I might go with a more neutral print like this one.
Or something just completely neutral like this one. Love that rose color.
Byron Lars always does unique items and his tie-waist tunic is amazing. That is some serious drama tunic style.

Can't wait for some more fall arrivals. I already see many sweaters that I am interested in. How about you?

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