Tuesday, September 15, 2015

J. Crew Review: Boyfriend Flannel Shirt and Collection Circle Skirt

These couldn't be more different but I liked a lot about both!

Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Cerulean Plaid (size 0)
I love J Crew button downs. I just can't quit them but I really should since I have way too many. The flannel of this shirt is SO soft. Feels like it's already been lived in. The colors are also beautiful. The blue is reminiscent of the blue in the scarf print items plus there are some lines of pinkish/red as I recall. Definitely size down on this one - even the size 0 has plenty of room.
It being almost fall - there are A LOT of flannel shirts out there to choose from. At every price point.

Here are some other super cute options, all at similar price points. I love the colors on that first one. The middle one is a wonderful blend of classic gingham and delicious flannel and the last is a great mix of colors.

 Collection Circle Skirt in Misty Hydrangea (size 0)
I keep on talking about this skirt but not getting the review up. Here it is. I do adore this print - just the right amount of romanticism and from far away it almost looks like tie-dye or something more abstract.

The material is quite stiff which does make the skirt stand out a little oddly (if it's not ironed absolutely perfectly). I wish they had just done it in a silk or even a heavy cotton. Also not exactly sure what I would wear on top.

Closeup of the print. Sigh. So lovely. This item was not exactly free so I'm not sure what I'll do about keeping it. I did get it for a significant % off but the CPW (cost per wear) would probably remain fairly high. So I know this one isn't exactly the same but it is really cute and the pleats are well placed. I'm finding ASOS to be a good place to find unusual and fun skirts. Love this big unusual print and this combo of stripes and floral. If you're looking for something a little more subtle, love this pale blue skirt. The contrasting trim really makes the look!

What do you think of the Misty Hydrangea skirt?

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  1. i LOVE the skirt!!! it's beautiful. i might need to buy it as well!