Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Anthropologie Reviews - Aquarelle Crops, Lehua Maxi, Canna Shift, Travelogue Jacket and Embroidered Kalea

Whoops, it's been quite a long time! The fast slide into Spring Break always means that things are a bit hectic both at home and at school so shopping has just not been on my mind much (wait, what? maybe I'm coming down with something...). I think I'm also dying to start thinking about spring clothes but of course can't even bear to try them on when it is 20 degrees out! I'm liking a lot of Anthro's latest very casual easygoing clothes. Here are a few things I tried at my latest visit.

Travelogue Jacket  (size 2)
 This is cute. I think it needs to be paired with something a bit dresses. The sleeves are a bit snug at the bottom but I think that's from the little tab that helps keep them ruched or rolled or whatever. I'm always on the fence about a blazer made out of drapey rayon. Sometimes I think it looks very cool and and laid back and other times I think it looks just sort of wrinkled and sloppy. Overall I think this is a cute little twist on a black blazer.

Gracie Top (size XS) - thanks to thatdamngreendress for helping me identify this top!
 I have NO idea why I can't find this on the website but I can't. I believe it is full price. It fits beautifully and although it would clearly require a cami, I didn't mind. Elegant, simple, not too snug. My only holdup is that I've seen blouses like this sold on ebay, straight from China, for about $15 and I don't think this one is any different. Not sure if I would pair this with jeans or something dressier. Wouldn't want to tuck it in because of the lovely bottom.

 Canna Shift (size 2)
 Love a good shift dress and the punchy color on this one makes it really fun. I think it would be more elegant without the exposed zipper (I enjoyed that trend but am ready to move on now). The length is perfect on my 5'4" frame. Just short enough without feeling overexposed. TTS and an easy little party dress.

 Embroidered Kalea Blouse (PS)
 I keep on coming back to this blouse but I don't think it's a great fit on my body. I'd prefer the regular size but that hasn't been in stock in a while. The PS fits fine (the PXS was so tight I couldn't move my arms) but the low cut front is a bit of a deal breaker. Camis are fine but I don't want to have to wear them with everything. I love the embroidered placket but I wish the colors were a bit more muted. They are truly fluorescent.

 Lehua Maxi Skirt (size XS)
 This skirt is gorgeous. I didn't realize it was a mermaid shape, which I love, and this really dresses it up a bit. Several reviews online stated it ran big but I didn't find that at all. Then again, my waist is a little thick these days. The length was great and I even liked that the waist sits a bit higher (as you can see in the first shot).  There is an exposed zipper on the back which I could have done without but it's not too bovious. Overall really lovely but quite dressy.

 Aquarelle Crops (size XS)
 I'm really drawn to all these bright, flowery, tropical prints going at Anthro. I tried these on for fun but woah... they are a hot mess. I would need to size up to at least a Small but they would still fit oddly I'm sure. They are quite tight in the hips and bum and then the pockets sort of flap around loosely. The legs fit okay until you get to the bottom where you can see they are painted on to my calves. This makes the bottom party flare out and look, well, ridiculous. I was hoping they would be slouchy and easy to just throw on with a t-shirt but as you can see there is no slouch. Just unflattering grabbiness. Yowch.

A lot of good things got second cuts this week. I'm still contemplating the Tropicalist Shift - already makred down to $40. Simply adorable. Did you grab anything?


  1. Oh, I am with you on the tropicalist shift- I hope my store still has one in my size when I use my birthday discount (probably the minute it arrives in the mail...). I love the bright colours of that floral- maybe not so much in the form of the aquarelle pants- yikes, those are an odd fit at the ankle! Great print- too bad!

    I love the fluo colour of the embroidery on that kalea blouse, but it does draw attention to the decolletage!

    I believe the lace top is the Gracie top- it seems to pop in and out of existence online.

  2. oh, and I looooooove the Canna shift, but the lone straggler I found in the changing room was a size 8 and barefly fit over my hips. I don't think I've altered THAT much in anthro sizing, so hopefully it was just a glitch in the cut!