Thursday, March 6, 2014

Anthropologie Reviews: Mireia Blouse, Edisto Column Dress, Moorea Maxi Skirt, Pieced Stripes Column Dress, Crocheted Pullover and Level 99 Lily

Here are some fun items that caught my eye on my last visit to Anthro:

Crocheted Pullover (S)
This appears to be sold out now. I would prefer a smaller size but there is something quite charming about this sweater. The little appliques at the bottom are well done and I like the details at the chest and neck. It is also SOFT, like I want to live in it boyfriend cashmere sweater soft. Of course it will probably pill like crazy but that's what I have a sweater shaver for. Also like the slightly longer hem in the back - good for booty coverage. Anyway, haven't tripped across an XS yet but I wouldn't be able to resist if I did.

 Mireia Blouse (size small)
This blouse makes me sad and is a perfect example of how some items at Anthropologie just need to be simplified. I LOVE the print - I know it's crazy but it's really eye-catching and fun. What you can't really see is the ridiculous cascade of limp ruffles down the front. I mean, really? At first I thought the ruffles were two halves that were meant to be tied together like a secretary blouse but alas, no. Such a beautiful print that could have been done in a simple, tasteful blouse. Why oh why overdesign things? On a side note, this is a small and fit quite well so this shirt might run a bit small.

 Edisto Column Dress (size XS)
Yowsers. Lots of information about my body in this one. It is flattering I guess but was way too tight for my taste. The material is dense and while stretchy is not soft and stretchy like a Bailey 44 dress might be.

 Edisto Column Dress (size S)
This is a better fit but still felt too restrictive and unforgiving. Only for the bold :)

Vegan Leather Mini (size 0)
Clearly this was a random return. OMG. I LOVE this skirt but I think I have to face facts which is that the size 0 is a little bit snug. Not horribly so but I would prefer a size 2 (which of course is completely sold out company wide). I don't know what it is about this little skirt but it is flattering, doesn't look cheap, has well-placed pockets and is a delicious plum color (even though the color is listed as blue). Sigh.

 Moorea Maxi Skirt (size XS)
I can see throwing this on constantly in the summer with a little black tank top, some jewelry and cute sandals. It's very comfortable and flattering since it basically falls straight down. I'm not usually drawn to prints and colors like this but I liked this one.

 Pieced Stripes Column Dress (size S)
Oh Bailey 44, I wish I could quite you. Yet another delicious iteration of their column dress. I can't understand why this one didn't sell as well - I think the colors are so cute. It fits in its usually fablous "what body flaws?" way.

 Pieced Stripes Column Dress (Size M)
I have one of these dresses in a M that I like to actually wear to work and things like that so I thought I'd give it a try. I definitely prefer the S but mostly because of the way the skirt hang at the bottom of this one.

Level 99 Lily Skinny Straight (size 26 Petite) in dark denim

The petite length was great but I also think these are slightly tighter than a regular 26. They are very cute and flattering. Super low rise and a little tight but I think the regular size would fix taht. The fading on them is attractive and not a pounds adder. Sometimes I get so tired of whiskering. Why would I want white lines on my thighs? It's like a neon sign saying please look here and try to guess if I've been eating doughnuts and pez for breakfast. What? No, that's never happened.

Overall some cute things and man oh man are they trying to clear out the winter stuff. The pieced stripes dress is already down to $49.95!


  1. Damn grrrrl, you look great in that XS column it, flaunt it.

  2. Thank you for reviewing the crocheted pullover. I saw this mysterious top paired with some jeans on Anthro website and can't stop thinking about it.