Tuesday, March 25, 2014

J. Crew Review: Dresses and Skirts

Part 2 of my new arrivals try on. I like what J Crew is trying to do with prints. They don't always work for me but I think the Pink Geo one has some potential. Now if only they could get the fit right on their shift dresses. Just as a heads up - as I mentioned in my last post - I am pregnant so I will try to reference how things are fitting differently due to my body and when they are fitting differently due to the actual garment.

Maxi Tank Dress (XS) in Dark Cove
 Ok. I think this would be ok if I was not preggers. The biggest change in my body so far is in the chest area where clearly this dress is BARELY fitting. I like the idea that this is not at all clingy and just supposed to sort of swing from the body but the material is so thin! Plus it looks a little bit like a night gown. If I was my normal size it might be passable as a really lightweight dress for the hottest days of summer. Slightly transparent.

 Drapey Pencil Skirt in Pink Geo (size 2)
 This I love. The material makes the pencil skirt drape just beautifully and the print is fun with many colors to pull from without being overwhelming. I had to size up because the other thing to go is my waist but I imagine this quite TTS. Loveth.

 Maxiskirt in Stripe (XXS) in Navy Heather Grey (?)
 This is something I could probably wear as I get bigger but I think it's a bit boring and I detest the waistband. Those foldover, ruched waistbands don't do anyone any favors in my opinion. I sized down on this because I had tried it on once before in an XS and it was hanging off me. It's fine and the lenth is just right but felt sort of thin. I can imagine it getting holes pretty quickly.

 Seersucker Eyelet Shift Dress (size 2)
 I love seersucker and eyelet but not loving this dress. The back detail with the tie is quite cute although I question the use of black ribbon. The fit in my usual size 2 dress size was fine. The color is almost a really washed out chambray color (which I don't like). Somehow this feels referential to the 90's for me. I just kept looking at thinking I've worn this before during a period of my life that I am not proud of fashion-wise :)

 Pink Geo Shirtdress (size 2)
 I like this print and I like the band of print at the bottom running in the opposite direction - very cute. My size 2 felt huge which is saying a lot. Maybe shortening the sleeves a bit would help? Sizing down? It definitely has potential but I didn't like it on my body.

 Side-Zip Varsity Dress (XXS) in Heather Gray
 I've been toying with this dress forever. I sized down out of curiousity and if I wasn't so zaftig right now I think it would be ok for sort of a sexier going out look. The material is certainly comfy and I like the simplicity.
 Side-Zip Varisty Dress (XS) in Heather Gray
 Here it is in my normal size XS which is more the way it is supposed to fit. Again, nothing particularly special but a great dress to thrown on with some big jewelry and boots to look like you've made an effort while being secretly mega comfortable.
 Side-Zip Varsity Dress (XS) in Black
 I'm usually drawn more to gray instead of black because I'm so darn pale but I thought the black looked slightly more sophiticated and hid more lumps and bumps. With all the discounts this came to $33 and I can see myself being able to wear this for a while during the slowly expanding pregnancy stage.

My best deal of the day, however, was a purse that was on sale. I wasn't going to get it but I figured at least it's something I can use during and after pregnancy! It had a little scratch on it so I was going to ask them to order me a new one but since it was the last one they gave it to me for a kill price of $19.99! It's still full price online! Then they also took 25% off. I almost died. Yay.
If you're wondering... it's this gorgeous little number in gold (which seems to be sold out now)
Don't you just love it when something like that happens?


  1. Just catching up on blog reading today. The stripe maxi might be cute for you throughout your pregnancy and I like the pink geo dress too. Maybe Jcrew will keep expanding their matternity options. Congratulations and I hope you are feeling great!

  2. ooh congrats on your pregnancy! :)

  3. Does the geo print hAve black or navy?