Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spring Arrivals - Part II

50% off! I don't think I remember a time that J Crew has offered 50% off online. Ever. I don't remember so many 40%'s either. Shocking. Unfortunately, at this point, I don't think there's anything I really want/need but it's fun to poke around. Might end up stocking up on a few t-shirts although I'm determined to swear off J Crew tees. EVERY single one I have develops holes in the armpits after a few wears! What is up with that? Anyway, here are a few more spring arrivals.

Flutter Crepe Dress (size 2) in Haven Blue
This is not a dress I need in my closet right now but it's actually quite cute. I'm not big into flutters or ruffles or whatever they call them but these are fairly subtle and sweet. I have trouble with J Crew dresses of this type because they tend to be tight on my bust and then loose at the hips. That was the case with this dress but not terribly so. If you have a more proportionate chest to hip ratio I think it will fit great in your normal size.

 Crepe Shift Dress (size 0) in Deep Violet
First of all, the color is way off in this picture. I sort of like the color of the dress here but it is definitely more blue and slightly muted in real life. I don't understand why they've made their shift dresses so wide. And long. With a slightly oversized dress like this, I actually prefer a shorter length. The cut down the front is low enough that a cami is probably required or at least recommended. It's just too sack like which is a shame because I had high hopes.

 Embroidered Stripe Tunic (XS)
I don't know why, but I love this! On the website it truly looks like a shirt, but on me it was almost a dress. Almost, which means it's sort of an awkward length. Nonetheless - the stripe material is light and lovely and the embroidery is a fun punch of color.

The nice yoke in the front and back saves it from looking like maternity wear. It gives it a nice shape. I sort of love it, I won't lie.

 Perfect-Fit Long-Sleeve Tee (S) in white
This is not thrilling but I thought I would show it since it's a nice basic t-shirt and I didn't find the white too see through. I always have to size up in these tees.


  1. I love that embroidered tunic! It's so adorable! I hadn't noticed it at all and now must try it! Thanks for the great reviews and pics! :D

    1. I know - it looks sort of like nothing on the website but it is so cute! And actually has a little bit of shape to it.

  2. Maybe use the tunic as a bathing suit cover up when you go to Monte Carlo or Jamaica or YMCA. It is quite fetching and much better than some terry clothe thing I usually wear.

    1. Ha! I WISH I was going someplace fabulous like that. I agree that as a swimsuit coverup it is adorable. I just wish it was a few inches longer so I could get away with it as an actual dress.

  3. Could you please tell what is your height?