Thursday, February 13, 2014

J. Crew Spring Arrivals - Part I

Finally got a chance to check out some new offerings. Sale section is sadly depleted at both of my local stores. As much as I would like to get excited about spring, it's hard to do that underneath more snow! It's great to see the return of color and print, now if only I could find one that I loved.... can't wait until some more fabulous liberty prints come out. Until then, here are some reviews:

Not on website yet? (XS)
 I couldn't find this on the website for some reason. It's a very lightweight embroidered swing sweater. The lightness of it was delightful but the swing shape is terrible. When you are busty, this shape just adds pounds. The top of it was attractive and the embroidery was fine but the shape, no no no.

Flower-Sleeve Sweater (XS)
 Interesting. The weave is very dense and the material "rougher" than your average J Crew sweater (although certainly not itchy). The sweater definitely hold its shape. Unfortunately, that shape is not super flattering. Makes you look a bit broad-shouldered and thick-waisted.
 The side view is much more attractive. In fact, I think I would consider sizing down on this one - might help the overall shape. I'm not sure what I was expecting for the appliques but it wasn't this. They are sort of cute, quirky and charming. I think my husband would think they look like grandma doilies.

Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater (XXS)
 There is something quite lovely about this sweater. The knit is veru fine and feels very soft on. The slits at the side are fun and the overly shape is tunic-y without being sloppy. I did size down on this one and I think I would keep with my decision on that.

Bristol Trouser in Stretch Cotton in Dusty Dune (size 0)
 I liked these pants a lot - great for work. Nice straight leg, moderate rise, extremely comfortable. The back view was T-I-G-H-T. I guess I would size up in these? But then the waist wouldn't fit as beautifully. Might be better for those with less of a bum. Nice, straight leg trousers. Finally no taper!

 Campbell Capri in Abstract Wave Print (size 0)
 I have a become a big fan of the Cafe Capri. I own several pairs of them and they are my go-to work pant. Comfy, the right length, great with flats. I am not loving the Campbell capri so far. The leg is less tapered which I don't like. I think if you're going to go capri, you gotta taper. The rise also seems higher which does not work on my short-waisted self. But lastly, the back view. I hate to even put this picture up but I think I have box butt. Too high rise in the back. Blech.

 Love-sleeve Sailor-Stripe Tee (XS)
 Ok. I realize this tee is nothing groundbreaking but I LOVE IT. It is a perfect sailor tee. The little notches on the side, the nice wider neckline, a thick material (but not too thick) and a nice fitted shape and longer lenght. Love love love. Yes I have an entire pile of striped tees in my drawer but I will buy this one anyway. It's that good. TTS.

Overall, not needing anything from J Crew these days. What are you excited about in the spring arrivals?


  1. I'm still thinking about the lightweight merino tunic sweater. I like it a lot but the deep slits are holding me back (that and lack of promotion!).

    I think you and I are the only people who don't like the Campbell Capris. This print is adorable, but the fit is really off on me. They are tight on my worst features and grab the fat bits in both sizes I tried and show off my worst. The Cafe Capris skim over my worst bits and make everything look better. I agree with you on the taper. The fall 2014 pants look like wide is the new thing for pants and I will be sitting it out if it is.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I felt sooo....(for lack of a better word) dorky in them. I'm sure tapered legs won't be around forever but I think they look a lot more sophisticated.

  2. Hi
    Which color combo is that sailor tee? It looks cream or white with black stripes but not like the ones that are online in the link. If you can please let me know that would be great! :-)

    1. I believe it was white and dark navy blue. It's a great tee!