Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Athleta Reviews: Rabbits Ears Full Zip, City Limits Jacket, Tranquility Cowl and Ashtee Sweater

As I recently mentioned, Athleta is a new discovery for me. They opened in my local mall around this summer and it never even occurred to me to go in there. I think skirting the line between athletic gear and actual street clothes is tricky. I don't want to turn around and realize I've become one of those moms who dresses solely in Lululemon and Athleta. I don't mean that in a judgy way - you've gotta do what's right for you - but I really try to put some sort of "outfit" together every day. It makes me feel good about me. Plus, I always think of Clinton Kelly from What Not To Wear who always talks about how it's the same number of pieces! Sweatpants, t-shirt, sweatshirt OR jeans, button-down, nice sweater. I'm trying to opt for the latter :)

Anyhoo, the sporty look is sort of trendy right now so I don't mind trying to engage in it a little bit. Here are a few things that I found that I think skirt the line pretty well!

Rabbit Ears Full Zip by SmartWool in Deep Sea Heather (size XS)
The color on this is beautiful. It's definitely a more casual version of the moto style but it's so cute. The SmartWool is a magnificent invention as this is warm like wool but not itchy. I wouldn't wear it with nothing underneath but a thin t-shirt is fine. I think the length - I don't love the cropped moto jacket style on me - accentuates my chest and hips too much.

There are little magnets in the collar so you can pop it up like a little cowl neck. Very cute.

 City Limits Jacket in Gray Heather (XXS)
I have been searching and searching for the perfect casual moto jacket and I think this may be it. The inside is sort of fleecy and SOOOOO cozy. The darting on the seams cuts the perfect hourglass silhouette. The XXS was slightly snug.

 City Limits Jacket in Black (size XS)
Same jacket, black, my normal size XS. This fit perfectly. Slim enough to be flattering without being restrictive. Again, the length and seams are awesome. I think I may want to own this in every color.

 Tranquility Cowl Neck in Teal Marine Heather (XXS)
Clearly I need a XS or S but I was too lazy to go back and get one. I wish I could describe the material - it is not super thick or fleecy but it is the softest freakin' stuff ever. I want to make a big blanket out of it and wrap myself in it all day. The cowl is perfect - just enough without being overwhelming. I am a sucker for thumb holes, which this has, and the length is perfect for covering up a bum.

 Ashtee Sweater in Black (XXS)
This is on sale and while I liked the idea it did not feel particularly modern to me. The zipper on the front is such a cute idea but it looked a bit funny. Then again, I really need the XS so overall the whole thing is pulling.

I also liked the look of this jacket - another take on the moto.

Love the slouchy ease of this little sweatshirt-y number. Almost reminds me of something from

These remind me of the MacCallister wedges at J Crew but slightly sportier.

What's your take on Athleta's non-workout clothing offerings?

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