Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The One That Got Away? Anthropologie Reviews

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over something you decided not to buy? Then when you finally find it again (and usually at a good, sale price) you sort of wonder what all the hype was in the first place? I definitely do that. I think part of it is the game of hunting it down and getting it at a price that is reasonable. Another part is that I like to try on clothes and sometimes simply can't remember how I felt about it the first time I tried it on. I think a good rule to live by is - if you left it behind once, you should probably leave it behind again - but I definitely have trouble with that! Here is a case in point:

Dappled Sea Blouse (XS)

The pants are a pair of Joe's that I picked up that were dimed out but then they charged me a weird price for them.... still figuring that one out. So the colors are GORGEOUS but the pattern is pretty bold and the shirt is nothing but a light coating of chiffon on one's body. Plus the neckline sort of hangs open. I sort of love it but I don't think it's doing anything super exciting for my figure. Hmm...

 The fit on these is awesome. They are so comfortable and I think quite flattering. The problem: wow they are bright and flowery. It makes me feel a little bit like a grandma in Florida (not that that is a bad thing - I'm just not one, yet...). How do you style these without looking a) too trendy/young or b) too retirement old. I think I would just wear them with a crisp white cotton shirt but I'm still not sure I have the guts.

Pilcro Stet Bootcut Cords (size 27)

Mmmm... corduroys. I feel about corduroys the way Homer feels about donuts. Mmm... drool. Love to wear them in the winter - a touch classier than jeans so warm and cozy. I love that these are a thicker corduroy. I did decide to size up from my normal size of 26 which I often do in Pilcros. I just don't like the tightness on the thighs in my normal size. I think these are flattering, it's hard to tell. And maybe I don't care - they are so soft!

I'm really trying to save a little cash for what I know will be a fun sale season but it is hard! 

Anyone else finally reconnect with an item that got away only to be disappointed?


  1. oh, for sure! My entire relationship with anthro was online until recently- now I get to actually see and touch! It's a revelation. I have been mostly lucky ordering online (thanks to kind folks like you who review) but there have definitely been one or two unpleasant surprises following months of drooling! I hated the test-pattern dress when I finally got a chance to try it on, when I was sure it would be THE dress. oh well!

    I really like the floral pants- they'd look great with a soft brown sweater...

    Dappled sea blouse is gorgeous, but hard to style- maybe boho style with a loose long skirt?

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I'm waiting for the Pilcro cords to arrive in the mail: I heart cordoroys in the winter :)

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