Sunday, November 18, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews- Sale!

With the much anticipated Black Friday sale coming up, thought I would review some items that are on sale and thus up for a (hopefully) big percentage off on Friday. This is a quickie since my last 2 days of work before vacation will be crazy ones!!!

On a side note, I was up for an upgrade and am finally getting an iPhone on Tuesday! YAY for better photos!

Basque Floral Dress (size 2)
So I do understand why people love this line - it is uber flattering and very '40's sexy. This is a size 2 which I could not even zip. It creates a lovely silhouette but I have to admit I'm just not comfortable with the sort of retro pinup girl look. I think a size 4 would have been fine (one size up).

So cute. And soft. And waist cinching. Only problem? Too much cleavage. I could maybe size up but I don't know if that would help anything. I'm definitely on the lazy side when it comes to wearing a cami. Would reconsider at Black Friday sale and perhaps take to tailor and have them sew it up a bit. Great for hiding a tummy and creating a waist!

Love the idea and colors but the shape is terrible. It just doesn't lay well on me and I felt like a house in this.

This looks blue online but I remember it being more grey in store. I LOVE the lounge section at Anthro. Some of the dresses are made as well as "real" dresses and the price point is so much more tolerable. This was basically cute and I thought about buying it but the pleats did not lay perfectly and I knew that would bother me. Otherwise, pretty cute and comfortable.

When this dress first came out I was immediately drawn to it: bright sunny colors and gold thread. It is quite lovely and the fit is spot on but I couldn't imagine where I would where it. The length is also a no-no for me. 

Excited for black friday. I went to my local store at 6 am last year and I actually had a really good time! I lived in NYC for so long I would have never DARED do BF shopping but where I live now - it's sort of fun.

Anyone else have plans for the big shopping day?


  1. Thanks for your reviews! I have the same cleavage sentiments about the Basketweave tee, but it just a few more stitches and it would be perfect :)

    1. Glad it's not just me. It's super cute but very revealing ;)