Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Madewell Review - [BLANKNYC] Skinny Color Jeans

Ah, Madewell. It's been a whirlwind romance. I'm finding that every year I pick 1 new retailer to be obsessed with. 2 years ago it was J Crew. Last year it was Anthro. This year it may be Madewell (although this could be curtailed by the distance between me and an actual store). Since their jeans are risk-free, I thought I would five them a whirl. Here are the results:

[BLANKNYC] Skinny Color Jean (size 27) in Deep Blue

First off, the color does not feel like deep blue. It just looks like regular dark denim. I had a hard time capturing it with my camera but I didn't feel like these were a pop of color at all. I ordered up a size from my normal size 26 jean because a) these are skinny and I go up a size in JC Toothpicks and b) I am hanging on to a couple of pounds and am sick of everything feeling like a sausage casing. Grrr...

If you are looking for a skinny jean I think these are cute and reasonably priced. The mid-rise is comfortable and they are skinny without feeling ridiculous. The fabric did feel a little chintzy to me. Not soft, not that thick, slightly itchy if that's possible - but I am pretty sensitive.

The length I loveth. PERFECT. I hate those darn jeans that are too short - like really ankle lenght - not flattering on me. These just had a tiny slouch at the ankle.

Funny little detail on back pocket. Those are actually little raised bumps.

Anyone else try Madewell denim and like it?

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  1. I've tried Madewell denim this year and last. Last year, I bought their Bootlegger jeans and they became a favorite (still are). They're very casual with the ripped knee. I tried them this year in a different wash but they fit totally different from the wash I bought last year so those went back. This year, I also bought their Rail Straight jeans and those are my favorites this year. I tried the Rail Straights in 4 different washes and they all fit different. The inconsistency in sizing between washes is really annoying and I returned a lot before I found one I liked. It was worth the trouble because my Madewell jeans are my favorites. The reason I like them may be a reason that others wouldn't, though. I like a very comfortable jean that isn't tight-fitting, and the Madewell styles I bought fit the bill. I have never tried on their skinny jeans. I tried their boyfriend jeans but they weren't great on me.