Sunday, August 21, 2011

Welcome to ShOperaRach!

After many months of stalking other people's blogs, I figured it might be nice to start my own. I mostly shop at J Crew but never turn down a chance to try on some good sale items at places like Talbots, Lands End Canvas, Anthropologie, Banana Republic or The Gap.
Even though the majority of my new items come from J Crew, my very first review is of some Anthropologie items I ordered during the recent free shipping promo.

For reference I am 5'4'' and usually wear a size 2 at J Crew

So... here goes....

This is call the Pruned and Flourishing Blouse (XS) but I think it's a bit over-flourished for my taste. I LOVE a good peasant blouse. I had a thing for hippie clothes in high school and as much as I try to extricate that need from my system I always find myself gravitating towards clothes like these. Unfortunately, curves and unstructured flowy tops are not a winning combination.

This is how wide the blouse is. Not good. Weird because it received many positive reviews on line.

This is called the Point of View Peasant Blouse in XS. This is an improvement over the other one but as you can see from the 2nd picture, the back is pretty transparent and the material in general is pretty thin for $88. It's fine but not really for me. Especially since the back view emphasizes my shelf butt.

Next is the Calliope Dress. It is a nice silk with a pretty pattern but there are some problems.
The pockets were pressed funny and really emphasized my hips. Yikes.

and the buttons on the top are heavy and as you can see from the side view they pull the dress into a weird shape. No, that is not a 3rd breast down there.

I'm posing with my hands on my hips here to show that if the dress were ironed properly, it might look okay.

Excuse my neck in that last photo. I am desperately trying to keep my face out of it and I haven't quite mastered the fine art of the self timer.

I have some more Anthro reviews but I'll post them later. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats on starting your blog! You'll get used to the self-timer. I often face the camera, press the button, walk backwards away from the camera and hold. Of course I could read the manual and figure out how to add more time to the timer, but that's not nearly as fun as trying to beat the timer ;)

    I love the colors in the dress. I thought the cut wasn't so great, though. Glad I passed.

  2. Thanks, Gigi! This is all very exciting. I figure I can only get better at this as time goes on...