Friday, August 26, 2011

More Anthopologie Reviews - Sale and Fall

I have spent the past year obsessed with J Crew. I feel like I kind of rediscovered them. But, I am feeling like the fall collection is a little too work oriented for my current needs (and a little too expensive) so I've found myself scoping out Anthropologie's current offerings. I think they have some beautiful, vibrantly-hued fall offerings so here goes:

First the sale items:

First the Horkelia Shift (I can't remember if it was a size 2 or 4). The lace is beautiful and I am really enjoying this trend right now. Unfortunately it was a bit shapeless on me. I do think sizing down would help tremendously. I was a bit worried that I would be constantly snagging the lace on things as this one already had a few pulls.

I'm sorry, I don't know what this dress is called. Thanks to throughkseyes for pointing out that this is the Meyer Meringue Dress. It was a hot mess on me. Too long, ill fitting at bust and too many lemons! I ADORE fruit prints but this is a really bright yellow and a lot of it. I believe it was a size 4.

This is the Cuernavaca Maxi (size 2). I love maxi dresses but unfortunately they do not love me. This only emphasized my (ahem) ample bosom and then had little waist definition. I added the belt which helped but the "waist" line is falls at an awkward place - not quite your waist, not quite empire.

This is the Arboreal Blouse. The print is absolutely darling but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the collar. It is marked down to $19.99 making it a steal but it was a bit snug in my usual size 2 so I left it behind. Sadly...

On to Fall Items! I'll have a few more to post over the weekend too....

This is the Liquid Acres Skirt in a size 2. It is everything a pencil skirt should be: perfect fit, sturdy material, interesting print that could go with a myriad of options. This skirt fits very similarly to J Crew pencil skirts (the material feels similar to the Watercolor Garden pencil skirt) but sits slightly higher on the waist - which I think is quite flattering. Love the seams down the front. Gorgeous.

Dots Within Blouse (size 2). I am loving the whole "secretary chic" thing that is going on right now. I think this blouse does it well. Love the green color, love the tie neck that can be left slightly undone, love the tight wrists with many buttons to give it a slight puff at the end of the sleeve.

Tokonoma Tee in size 2. The colors are delicious although I think the fit is slightly big. I actually just ordered myself a size 0 to see if this would improve things. I don't mind the slight boxiness as the material drapes nicely. This is definitely sale-wishlisted.

I do have more reviews but that is all I have energy for.

Has anyone picked up something gorgeous from the current sale or fall offerings?


  1. Great reviews! I am in love with the Liquid Acres fall must-have!!!

  2. The yellow dress is the Meyer Meringue Dress.

  3. Thanks Jenni! I totally agree about the Liquid Acres skirt - it is absolutely divine.

    Thank you throughkseyes - I updated my post with your information!