Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall arrivals from J Crew

So, although my first post was about Anthropologie, I would say the majority of my clothes come from J Crew. I have found that they are a great way to still look like you have a clue fashion-wise but not be trying too hard. Especially since I am mostly home with my daughter... won't be busting out the stilettos to go playground-hopping.

Please excuse the quality of the photos. I think next time I will just bring my camera.

First up, the Cailey Cord Blazer in Cedar (size 2). The corduroy is fairly wide wale on this one which I think gives it this weird 80's/90's vibe. I am also seriously short-waisted and actually don't love the slightly longer silhouette. Fit is TTS.

Next is Origami Mini which I am in love with (Size 4) although after seeing the photos I don't know if it is super flattering. If you are standing still the front pleats lay flat but as soon as you move (as seen in the photo) they can create a little pouf. I usually size up to a 4 in fuller skirts at J Crew (i.e. not pencil skirts) but I think I would prefer 2 sizes up for this one. The colors and pattern are really lovely.

Blythe Shirtdress (size 2). LOVE. So flattering and TTS. Now, the idea of wearing a silk dress for my lifestyle is insane - it would inevitably have some greasy hand print or fruit roll stuck to it within about 30 minutes of putting it on. Gorgeous but not prudent.

The Lace Blouson dress (size 2) is not so new but I thought I'd review it anyway. I adore lace and I also adore a really easy throw-on dress like this. I would probably prefer it with a belt. I can't imagine how someone with a long torso would wear this dress as my torso is short and I still felt like the waist was quite high.

Boy Shirt in Quincy Tartan (size 2). Lovely colors, fit is TTS. I just have too many plaid shirts. Way too many.

Last but not least, the silk Lucinda Blouse (size 0). I think this must be an in-store only navy color. You can definitely size down on this one. I found the same to be true with the newer version of the Blythe Blouse. It's a lovely blouse but I'm looking for something more casual.

Will post more Anthro reviews tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for all the reviews and pics OperaRach! I think everything looks great on you! I love the navy shade of the Lucinda blouse. I didn't see that one when I was in the store, so it will be on my list to look for the next time I go. :)

  2. Love the Blythe dress but I'm of the same mind as you: way too fragile for me. I'm sure I'd have my morning coffee drip on it within ten minutes of the first wear.

  3. FFM - Thanks! I enjoy trying on clothes :) I love the navy color too. I'm also in love with the Green Blythe blouse but I think Navy will last a lot longer in my closet

    FrugalPrepster - Yes on the fragile. On the other hand, I think the silk is what makes it lay so nicely on the body. Alas...

  4. Don't you just love that lace blouson dress? I agree about the torso issue. Not sure who they model these for.

    BTW, will you enable the 'Followers' section at some point? That way your blog will be easier to follow. Thanks!

  5. Rose - Yes love the dress. Do you own the old lace or black color?

    I feel silly asking but how to enable the followers section? I'll try to figure it out on my own... very new to this :)

  6. Great to see another Anthro and JCrew blogger! Thanks for the reviews!

  7. Your blog looks great. Thanks for the reviews. It's good to know I should size down in the silk blouses. I've been wanting one for a while.

  8. Good pics. I like the origami fabric. It's so pretty. I dunno if you have use for the lace dress, but it's pretty on you.

  9. So glad you've started a blog! Love these reviews...the Blythe dress looks so lovely on you, but I know how you feel about the silk material. I don't even have kids and I'd be too scared to wear it! Nice to see the Cord blazer as well. I've been wanting a camel cord blazer for a while but I dunno about the wide wale material. Definitely makes it look dated. Thanks again for the reviews! :)

  10. IRL - Thanks and you're welcome! I'm having fun so far :)

    Maryeb - thanks! Yup. I've tried on the new silk blythe twice now and I definitely prefer the 0. Same with the Lucinda.

    Gigi - Thanks! I really like it too and am debating whether or not to get it with the current promo.

    AppGal - Thank you! I just feel like that blazer is a bit bulky. I have a thin wale one from BR from a few years ago that I much prefer

  11. Hi Opera. I own both. Yes, I'm a sucker who buys multiples when she likes something a lot.

  12. Oh, I saw part 2 of your reply just now. You have to go to Dashboard, then Design, then from the list choose the Followers, I believe. I am afraid to tinker with my blog to find out exactly for fear of not deleting everyone.

  13. Rose - darn I tried that and it looks like I have followers enabled but maybe I don't. I'm not even sure what that means. Tee hee. I am defintiely on a steep learning curve with this blogging thing :) Let me know if it looks like it's fixed or not.