Sunday, November 23, 2014

J. Crew Review: Swiss-Dot Tuxedo Shirt, Sweatshirt Dress, Flannel Shirt in Buffalo Check, Cap-Sleeve Shirttail Blouse, Belted Cardigan

Just some quickies. The lovely bambino has been going to bed earlier and sleeping for longer and I have every intention of taking advantage of that!!

Swiss-Dot Tuxedo Shirt (size 2)

Yeah. Hmm... I love the idea of a tuxedo blouse but they don't look so hot on me. The swiss-dot is lovely and delicate but entirely see through. The collar seems strangely small. Out of proportion small. The fit is also a bit boxy. This is my usual size 2 and it was a bit big which is shocking since my chest is pretty large right now.

Sweatshirt Dress (XS)
I want to love this. Sooooo badly. It really is the most lovely heavy sweatshirt material and it feels like yummy yums on. I don't think it's doing much for my body. My husband asked why I was wearing a blanket. While I don't think it's that bad I'm not sure it's that great. I really want it to work and so am trying to find things to pair it with to fancy it up a bit.

 Flannel Shirt in Buffalo Check (size 4)
I like this shirt. It's quite bright and the material is nice and soft. I sized up to accommodate breastfeeding business but I think I would take my regular 2. It definitely feels roomy. Wish it were a bit more subtle but overall nice.

Cap-Sleeve Shirttail Blouse (size 2) in Clay Sand
I'd say you could size down on this one. I tried on a size 0 later and it also fit great. I'm actually glad I bought the 2 though because it was less grabby at the hips and I like the low neckline. The color is beautiful. I'll probably wear a cami underneath.

 Merino Wool V-Neck Cardigan (XS) in Heather Mineral

Love this color. It is great great great. Not sure how I feel about the length but I guess you can't have every sweater by boyfriend length. It was on sale for either $49 or $39 plus 40%. The wool feels thicker and nice. Only thing I noticed is that on some the button holes were sort of stretched out. FYI.

 Mohair Cardigan (XS) in heather river
Not a huge fan of mohair. I think the sweater is fine - love the length and overall slouchy fit - but couldn't really get excited about it.

 Merino Wool Belted Cardigan with Lurex (XS) in light mauve
This sweater is so confusing. The belt is a hot mess. I'm showing you the back because they attached the belt REALLY low so when you go to tie it, it makes everything bunch up. Frumpadumpalous.

I love it better without the belt but since it's attached it's a no go. 

 Crab Top (size 2)
I actually love the fit on this one. The stiffness is appreciated for a nice structure. The crab is a bit bizarre. My husband said, "Is there a beetle trying to pinch your breast?". That's not good. It's a shame. If it had a different graphic I would have kept it but as is, boo. Plus, as everyone has mentioned, the graphic does not line up at the seam. Sloppy.

Hoping for a fun black Friday promotion but often find J Crew to be a bit stingy. I supposed we'll see!

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