Sunday, November 9, 2014

J. Crew Review: Sale Edition

It's 4 weeks in with new little love and although it was hard, I decided I needed to get a sitter. For just a few hours. I didn't exactly whoop it up but I did make a much needed trip to Trader Joe's and of course a little "treat yourself" stop at J Crew. I'm primarily shopping for tops that actually fit but not finding too much luck yet. My bottom half is returning to normal more quickly but thing's are still shifting about so I feel less comfortable shopping for bottoms. Here's some of what I found in the sale section:

Sequin Dot Tee (size S) in Navy
I actually like the drapey but shaped fit of this one and the nice scoop neckline. I'm just not a huge fan of the sequins sewed on it. It be quite cute on some but just not totally my style. In most of the tees, I sized up to accommodate my nursing chest.

 Side-Zip Stripe Tee (size S) in Bisque Authentic Navy

Size XS 
The XS fit better and still had plenty of room to spare so this is definitely an oversized top. I like the little zippers and the material but those drop shoulders! UGH. They always make me feel like a linebacker. I have a lot of striped tops that I'm still able to squeeze into so I passed on this one.

Side-Slit Tunic (XS) in Pale Pink
I realize this does not look at all impressive in the picture but I sort of loved it. Fitted enough at the chest and then floats away over the recovering baby belly. I really liked this pink color too. Unfortunately it is very see through so I knew this would be a pass. I did order the darker colors online to see what I thought. Looking at these pictures I realize it may have been prudent to try an XXS but I just ordered the XS. Good post-baby tee.

 Drapey Stars Tee (Size S) in undyed rose gold
The shape on this is nice although I think the sleeves are a bit too long. I did not like the stars - they looked really cheap to me. Very F21-ish. Plus, more see-through fabric. Why can't anyone make a t-shirt that you can actually wear a bra under?

 Lambswool Zip Sweater in Lavender Multi (size S)
Too big for sure so I would definitely take my normal XS. I liked the color a lot but the shape is a bit blah. The neckline is too thick for my btaste. I do like the zippers and the slightly longer hem in the back.

 Shiny Puffer Down Vest (Size S) in Navy
This is super cute. I love the shininess. The S fit very well. I wish there was just a little darting at the waist to create a little definition. I could use that right now :) I still feel like these types of vests always add visual poundage, plus I bought one at Madewell last year (although that definitely won't fit for a while )

Overall not super impressed but I did place an online order since the dreaded final sale has gone away. Yahoo!
Did you jump on anything during this promo?

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