Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Anthropologie Review: Kmeria Maxi, Brilliant Bowknot, Sylvan Moto Roll-ups, Quilted Floral Pencil Skirt

I slipped into Anthro for about 10 minutes the other day to see if I could find anything fun in the sale section. Here's what I saw:

Brilliant Bowknot Tee in Turquoise (XS)
I adore the colors in this shirt but the fit is a little wonky. I think it looks passable in the picture but the scoop neck was REALLY low. Overall the shirt felt a bit big and like the whole thing was sitting too low on my body. Gorgeous colors.

Kmeria Maxi Skirt (size S?) 
I love the print on this one. I don't think it did much for my figure though - felt like the skirt wore me instead of the opposite. Also, it really feels like polyester. Like yucky thrift store 70's polyester. I don't think I could pay $99 for that.

 Sylvan Moto Roll-Ups (size 27)
I passed on these but that could have been a mistake. They are a nice light weight and the fit is very comfortable. Sometimes I wear a 27 at Anthro and sometimes a 26. I would say these are pretty true to size. Since they are cotton, I imagine they might stretch out a lot by day's end. Cute summery pants.

 Quilted Floral Pencil Skirt (size S)
I was immediately drawn to this skirt. I like the quilting and the drawstring waistband. The S actually fit pretty well but I just had a feeling that after I finish shaping up post-preg that I will wish I had the XS. It's so comfy - like wearing a sweatshirt on your butt :)

I didn't have time to explore much else at Anthro but am looking forward to a revisit. Hoping for a fun Black Friday promo...

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