Friday, October 3, 2014

Boden Review: Carnaby Cardigan

I rarely buy from Boden anymore. I love their clothes for my daughter but I always feel like their clothes on me look dowdy. The prints are a little too overwhelming and the fit in their bottoms is awkward and too high-rise on my frame. I love their clothes on other people, just not me. Nonetheless, when I placed a little back to school order for my daughter, I couldn't resist ordering this little cardigan for me.

Carnaby Cardigan (size 6)
I vascillate between a 4 and a 6 with Boden so I sized up on this one. I also ordered a 4 which I ended up keeping but looking at these pictures, I think I probably should have kept the 6! First of all, the colors are SO GORGEOUS. OMG. Just love love love the shades of blue and the little funky mustard colored trim.

The color on the back is yet another shade of blue - sort of like a turquoise. So beautiful... The only think I don't love is the fit. It is totally inoffensive, but it is not the fit I was going for. I was really hoping for more of a longer, boyfriend style cardigan and this fits just like a regular cardigan. Of course the 4 is even more so that way but I liked the way the arms fit better. I like my cardigan arms SLIM because I think it helps the cardigan look a bit more polished and helps slim the body. Just my 2 cents.

Overall this is an adorable sweater - yay color - just wish the fit were a bit more slouchy. Also, weirdly, I paid $39.20 for it and now it is back up to $78.40. Hmmm. There are only a few sizes left but I've often found that if I call there are more sizes available then are listed on the website.

We'll see how this wears, it will be good to see how it looks closed in (hopefully) a matter of days!


  1. You are a diehard reviewer! :) Very best to you and baby!! Exciting that it's this close.
    Boden is hit or miss for me too. That sweater looks cute and I like the color.

  2. Thinking of you & hoping all is well with the wee one and the rest of your family :)