Friday, September 19, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Silk Gardengate Dress, Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress, Sculptor Cardigan

Hopped into my local Madewell the other day and was very impressed with the fall offerings. There is a lot to love. Here are a few quickie reviews:

Silk Gardengate Dress (size 0)

First off, let me say that I am shocked that I could get into a size 0 being 38 weeks pregnant - so definitely size down on this one. I am really in love with this print - so sweet without being childish. I'm not sure how the drop waist would look without the belly. I did drop waists in the 80's/90's so it's hard to go back. There is some give in the fabric and overall this dress is well made and comfortable. Wish the sale price would drop a little.

 Jumpstart Sweatshirt Dress (XS)

I really have too many shift/sweatshirt style dresses but man are they practical! I love the little contrasty sleeves and the seam going across the middle. The material is a nice soft terry and I love the "cuff" hem and the length. This might be on my post-preg wishlist since it will hide post-baby tummy but still look cute.

 Sculptor Cardigan (XXS)

It's hard to see how cool this sweater is from the pictures but it's really different and interesting. Makes me feel like a groovy art teacher or something. I sized down which I think was the right decision, but with this style it probably doesn't matter that much. I would call it a cocoon shape - definitely has the batwing thing going on - but then also has these nice "lapels" in the front. The knit is thick and soft. Definitely a winning piece.

Cleanline Crop Sweatshirt (XS)
For some reason I forgot to take pictures of this one but I loved it. I would layer it over a cute buttondown or striped tee. Currently on sale for $49.99.

There is a lot to love at Madewell right now but I'm trying to wait until the baby comes out :)

What are you loving at Madewell these days?

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