Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Brooks Brothers Picks - Liberty shirts

I don't shop at Brooks Brothers that often but I like cruising their sale section every once in a while. I certainly feel like their clothes are well made and they always do a few liberty prints that catch my eye. Here are some cute things I noticed the other day including some J Crew liberty prints that you may have missed out on!

Calfskin Gladiator Sandals in Navy

Love a good navy sandal - not easy to find. The price is decent and I bet these are well made - fully leather lined with a leather sole - yes please.

Tailored Fit Cotton Shirt

Brooks Brothers shirt fit wonderfully. Really accentuate the curves and have just the right length. If I'm not mistaken this print is the same as the "Floral Eve" print from J. Crew. I was always a little sad I missed out on this one although I defintiely prefer the Brooks Brothers shape to the popover shape at J Crew. The starting price point is about the same as the J Crew one.

Tailored Fit Cotton Shirt 

Here's another look alike to the Strawberry Thief Floral, although again I prefer this button down as opposed to the popover shape of the J. Crew one.

Wool Cape

This is still pricey, even on sale, but it sure is cute. I've never owned a BB sweater but I imagine it does not pill as much as some others. The shape is so cute and of course I love a good navy.

Long-Sleeve Cotton Black Watch Dress

How cute is this? I am such a sucker for black watch plaid. Yum. Plus love that this is cotton and has its own little self-tie belt. Adorable. And because it is their Red Fleece Line I know the fit will be more modern and less "ladies who lunch".

Overall, I'm impressed with some of Brooks Brothers offerings. I will definitely be keeping my eye on that liberty shirt and hoping for a sale. Do you ever shop at Brooks Brothers?

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  1. I saw the Floral Eve Liberty shirt a few weeks ago at Brooks Brothers. It is so pretty. I have the J Crew popover version of this one and the strawberry thief one, so I don't really need more. However, if a good sale hits, I could definitely be persuaded to pick up these colorways. I cannot resist a nice Liberty print shirt. :)