Monday, September 7, 2015

J. Crew Review: Vintage Scarf Print, Toothpick Cone Denim, Broken-In Boyfriend, Skinny Cargo and Ryder Pant

I'm trying to put a hold on purchasing anything now that crazy summer clearance time seems to be (almost) over. I really need to weed through my closet to see if I actually NEED anything instead of just shoving more stuff in there because it looked shiny and new. Of course, J Crew makes that hard but I'm planning on just figuring out my size in the items that really call to me and then setting a price  that I'm willing to pay for them. Then wait for a sale!

Cropped Pant in Vintage Scarf Print (size 0)
I wanted to try these again. I previously tried them in a size 2 (see my review here). The size 0 fit well but they are so unflattering! Baggy around hips and butt and too much fabric in the crotch area and behind the thighs. It's a shame because the print is lovely and the color is gorgeous. I think I gained 10 lbs just trying them on.

 Flutter Mini Skirt in Vintage Scarf Print (size 2)
Cap-Sleeve Floral Lace Top (size 0)
I like this skirt a lot. The stiffer fabric is really cute - I like a little structure. I'm still not sure if this silhouette isn't a little too young for me. The size 0 was definitely too snug but the size 2 was slightly big so I feel like I'm sort of in between sizes which may mean this skirt runs slightly small. It may have more to do with the fact that the fabric has no give. The blouse is really nice and I will review that soon. The vintage scarf print is not working for me clothes-wise but I was thinking of giving this item a try instead. That way I still get to enjoy the print!

Stretch Toothpick Cone Denim Jean in Durant Wash (size 26)
These fit but just. That being said I always size up in the toothpicks to a size 27. I liked these. I read some online reviews that said they ripped while they were trying them on! Luckily that didn't happen to me. The wash is nice although again maybe only for the 20 somethings? I don't know. Tempting on sale. They are super inexpensive right now!

 Slim Broken-In Boyfriend Jean in Michel Wash (size 26)
Boyfriend jeans! I so want them to work for me but so far am having no luck. I tried a different pair from the Crew earlier (see review here) and they had some similar problems. I liked these a lot better but they still felt like they had too much material at the hips (altohugh clearly the bum fits fine if not snug for boyfriend style). The length was also much better on these. Overall they are decent but I still don't feel like they are doing much for my body.

 Skinny Stretch Cargo (size 26)
Love a good cargo pant and no one does the like J Crew. I just wish they would do away with those darn flap pockets. Lord those look bad on my butt. Love this color which is perhaps in store only since I didn't see it on the website... The fit in my usual 26 was spot on but I didn't even consider them with those pockets. If these are the only offerings at J Crew this year i may have to search elsewhere. These J Brand ones are on clearance at Bluefly but I'm not sure about the side pockets. Ireally like these Current/Elliot ones as well but there are only a few sizes left, and they are not my size :( And, I don't know much about Blank denim but I love the color of these and the price is not bad either!

 Ryder Pant (size 0) in Weathered Spruce

Yikes. The Ryder pant is not good on me. I can't even show ou the back view because it's x-rated. Sort of reverse camel toe if you will. I like the color of these - sort of grey but with more depth to it. The pockets make the sides of the pants lumpy which is the last thing I want. The size 0 fit but was a little snug so maybe I sized up? I've never liked the Minnies either so it's no huge surprise that these aren't working for me. If I need skinny, strretchy work pants, I'll get these which I just purchased for 50% off. I also own them in this lovely textured fabric which sort of passes for a dressier, cleaner version of chambray.

 Tweed Sweater-Jacket with Fringe Trim (XS)
Oh la la! Very Chanel-esque. The fabric is soft to the touch and the front part is lined. What's annoying is that the arms aren't lined and the fabric did itch just the teeniest bit. The fringe is delicate and fun and the fabric is really nice. Drapes well since it's more of a sweater than a jacket. The little hook closures along the front are cute as well. TTS. Also found this cute little leather trim version over at Nordstrom that I like. A bit more casual. I'm also loving this striped version for a more casual vibe. And, if you like the subtle fringe, I think this one by Joie is pretty cute.

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