Thursday, October 1, 2015

J. Crew Review: A few fall arrivals

Hello! Sorry for the absense. Fall has certainly come into full swing! I like some of what I'm seeing at J Crew and I hope there's more to come. Here are a few recent try-ons.

Long-Sleeve Speckled Chiffon Dress (size 2)
I picked this up out of curiousity - it's definitely not my usual style - but it's really flattering! The bra issue is a problem - I cannot go braless and could never be bothered to wear a strapless but you can do either of these you should try this dress. I feel like J Crew is really doing dresses right this year. I loved this one - also made me feel quite svelte. Overall, this a great feminine, flattering dress.

 Graphic Floral Sweatshirt (XXS)
I won't lie, I love a good sweatshirt. The proportions on this one are perfect but definitely size down one. This is an XXS and it still had plenty of room. I think the floral print is nice - sort of like a shadow. Wish it came in some different colors. I may have to check out the sequinned floral sweatshirt which is in a nicer color palette for my skin color. I'm also liking subtle color palette for this Mango floral sweatshirt. And this one is a bit on the pricey side but that botanical print is to die for. Want it. Bad.

 Striped Leather Panel Swing Sweater (XXS)
Definitely size down on this one as well. It's super cute and very comfortable. I didn't notice that the patches were leather to be honest - I thought they were fake. I didn't find the shape too swingy but I did find the material to feel pretty synthetic. It's soft soft soft but didn't feel high quality to me.
Just showing the neckline which has a little "blip" in the stripe right be the neck. It's so cute but I'm afraid it won't hold up that well. I actually like the different but still very neutral colors of this similar sweater. Plus it's cashmere :) Here's another lovely by autumn cashmere. Love the fuschia and black combo.

Hopefully I'll post some more reviews later this week!

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